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Mission Statement

St. Anne School is an independent Roman Catholic school that strives to inspire children to pursue their highest level of academic achievement, spiritual formation, and character development. Our collaborative community of inspirational teachers, dedicated administrators, and committed parents ensures all students are empowered to explore their God-given gifts, discover their passions, and envision their future as a positive influence on the world.

Preschool kids smile while on the playground
Three 2nd-grade students conduct volcano experiment in science lab
Three female 6th-grade students wearing safety glasses conducting an experiment in science class

Portrait of a Knight

2 female 1st-grade students reading and pointing at their books

Intellectually Curious Learner who:

  • Thinks critically, solves problems, and takes risks by approaching situations from several viewpoints; researching, analyzing, interpreting, and applying new information
  • Analyzes, identifies, integrates, and applies information from a wide range of disciplines
  • Appreciates, supports, and/or participates in a wide variety of disciplines including religious, academic, artistic, athletic and co-curricular activities
  • Uses technology to access and extend learning, and enhance communication
  • Is a lifelong learner and has a commitment to personal development
  • Develops effective study skills to ensure present and future academic success

Intellectually Curious Learner

First grade female student uses tin watering can to water plants in garden

A Responsible Citizen who:

  • Values cultural differences and responds with understanding, consideration, and acceptance according to Catholic values
  • Shows moral integrity and personal accountability by demonstrating respect, honesty, and compassion for family, school, community, and self
  • Demonstrates a strong work ethic and continually seeks to improve in order to be prepared for social, emotional, physical, and academic challenges
  • Gives back to his/her school and global community by offering time, energy, talents, and resources

Responsible Citizen

Male 2nd-grade student dressed in First Communion outfit receives the Holy Eucharist in Mass

A Christ-Centered Person who:

  • Understands and is guided by the teachings of the Roman Catholic faith
  • Participates in the Catholic faith through daily prayer, worship, and service
  • Demonstrates respect, tolerance, and responsibility for self, family, and community
  • Makes moral and ethical choices based on the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Understands the importance of and participates in local and global charitable Christian service

Christ Centered Person

Two male and one female 8th-grade students smiling and pointing during a debate in history class

An Effective Communicator who:

  • Is an objective and critical listener who is attentive and follows directions
  • Is articulate in speech, writing, technology, and the arts while reflecting core Catholic values
  • Appropriately responds and expresses ideas clearly in a respectful manner
  • Speaks confidently in a variety of settings

Effective Communicator

Technology-Integrated Curriculum

1:1 Classroom iPads in Grades K-2

1:1 iPads with Logitech keyboards and digital crayons in Grades 3-4

1:1 MacBooks in Grades 5-8

ECDC Outdoor Classroom

extends learning through child-initiated activities in Preschool and PreK.

Average Student/Teacher Ratio




Lower School


Middle School

Imagine your Impact

Future Problem Solving in Grades 3-8


Matriculation from Lower School to Middle School


of St. Anne alumni are accepted into honors classes each year at top local Catholic high schools, JSerra and Santa Margarita.

$3.7 million+

College scholarships offered to high school graduates of the St. Anne’s classes of 2016 and 2017

Knights Explore: The World is Your Classroom


Irvine Park


Environmental Nature Center


Whale Watching


Shipley Nature Center




Astro Camp


Pali Mountain 


Catalina Island


Washington D.C.