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Lower School Academics

At St. Anne School, natural curiosity and an ardent pursuit of knowledge abound. We celebrate students’ gifts, encourage their interests, and bolster their belief in their own ability to learn, grow, and make their mark on the world. 

a 4th grade boy smiles while working on his laptop

Academic Progression

Click here to view the Lower School Academic Progression. 


To enrich the core curriculum, lower school students engage in weekly learning experiences that engage their curiosity, develop their talents, and enhance their skills. From Science Lab and Engineering Design to Digital Literacy and Performing Arts, students build upon their knowledge and interests beyond the classroom.

Enrichment Courses:

  • Digital Literacy (Grades 3-5) 
  • Library  
  • Physical Education 
  • Science Lab and Engineering Design 
  • Spanish 
  • Studio Art 
  • Visual and Performing Arts - Art, Creative Movement, Theater, Vocal and Instrumental Music 
a kindergarten boy holds a worm while a kindergarten girl laughs in science lab
Two 2nd grade students build a gumdrop structure in science lab
2 second grade boys smile while showing off their gumdrop structure in science class
3 5th grade students try to lift a red cup wit string in science class
A lower school girl paints a leaf
Lower school boy holds a leaf that he painted in art class
art teacher teaching kindergarten
Spanish teacher teaching first grade
A lower school boy and girl sitting in camping chairs reading books in the library
Librarian readying to young students