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Middle School | Grades 6-8

Middle school boys and girls standing in the hallway smiling

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Whether this is your initial step into middle school or your journey is already on its way, we welcome you and look forward to your life-changing education at St. Anne School.
St. Anne School offers unique experiences for students to explore and grow their love for learning in a safe and nurturing environment. From our dedicated teachers and small class sizes to our extensive offerings in athletics, music, art, and religion, to name a few, St. Anne School fulfills its mission of unparalleled academics and extracurricular opportunities designed to challenge and nurture the whole child. St. Anne provides all students a rich curriculum with differentiated instruction as well as experience-based learning that offers opportunities to explore, discover, question, problem-solve, collaborate, and make a difference.
As a parent of two St. Anne graduates, I can personally attest to how our faculty and staff prepare students for their next endeavors in high school, college, and beyond. By fostering both academic and personal growth, St. Anne guides our students in their development into well-rounded, responsible citizens with the drive to reach their future goals.
This is an exciting time in your lives, and St. Anne is here to build upon that. Thank you for your interest in our school.
All the best,
Maureen Bournazian
Head of School

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St. Anne School was the impetus for my love of learning and “can-do” attitude. Not only was I prepared academically to tackle AP courses and honors classes as an underclassman, but I was always reminded that I could make an impact with this knowledge for the common good. I will always be indebted to St. Anne School for giving me lifelong best friends, mentors, and memories that instigated my strong faith life and steadfast desire to serve others.

- Jillian Chade, St. Anne Class of 2017

4 female 8th grade students wearing blue graduation gowns and white flower leis

Who is a St. Anne Knight?

The Middle School embraces the whole child and provides opportunities that foster academic growth and character development through discovery, exploration, and collaboration. Through a robust curriculum and rich learning experiences that support scholarly dispositions, St. Anne students become:

Open and Fair-Minded
Flexible thinkers
Seekers of Information and Reason
Respectful of Diverse Views