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Middle School Academics

3 boys and 2 girls in middle school science lab work on an experiment

Academic Progression

Click here to view the Middle School Academic Progression.

Middle School Academic Journey

St. Anne Middle School recognizes that it has a diverse student body at various levels of academic readiness. Students proceed at varying academic paces, levels of abstract thinking, and degrees of analytical learning. To support these diverse needs, we have academic readiness criteria to support both Academic and Academic+ levels.

At both the Academic and Academic+ levels, students are provided rigorous curricula and opportunities to develop critical thinking skills as well as to prepare for high school academics. To support the challenges of more abstract, analytical, and sophisticated curricula, Academic+ courses use more advanced pedagogy and complex learning structures that encourage inquiry and assist students in achieving greater depth of knowledge.

Similarities of Academics and Academics Plus Differences of Academics and Academics Plus
Require students to work toward mastery of state standards Greater depth of content
Prepare students for high school academics Advanced levels of complex thinking and questioning
Develop critical thinking and writing skills Work at an accelerated pace and in a self-directed and collaborative setting

Provide opportunities for students to improve listening and speaking skills through Socratic Seminar and speech delivery

Writing is more sophisticated (stronger vocabulary, more complex and varied sentence structure, greater depth of thought and analysis) and extensively researched


Middle School Electives 2023-2024

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