St. Anne School is committed to providing all students with the learning environment best suited to meet their individual needs.  Please see below for details about the St. Anne School admission process.

Early Child Development Center

St. Anne School's Early Childhood Development Center (Preschool & PreK) is open to all children regardless of race, nationality, or creed. We accept children ages 2 years through 5 years of age. This age requirement must be met by the first day of classes. Children are grouped in classrooms according to age. All immunizations required by state laws must be current, including a TB test.

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    • Contact the Early Childhood Development Center at 949.276.6783 to schedule a tour and answer any questions you may have. The Director of Admission will discuss the philosophy, curriculum and policies of our school with you.
    • Submit an application for admission via the online form at
    • The Head of Admission and Director of Early Child Development Center will evaluate classroom availability for the year of application and your child’s needs to determine if a contract will be offered.
    • Complete the online enrollment form.
    • You will be given an admissions packet required by the State of California to be returned to the Early Childhood Development Center Office before enrollment is considered complete.
    • All necessary financial forms and contracts will be explained and signed.

    All of the following immunizations must be complete before a child attends preschool:

    • Polio - 3 doses
    • DTP - 4 doses
    • MMR - 1 dose on or after first birthday
    • Hib - 1 dose
    • Hep B - 3 doses
    • Varicella
    • Note:  Due to passage of SB277, Personal and Religious Beliefs Exemptions cannot be accepted.  Please contact the Nurse's Office for details.

Lower and Middle Schools

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    • Contact the Admissions Office to answer any questions you may have.

      Preschool through Grade 5: LuAnn Wilson | 949-276-6783 or email,

      Middle School: Lil Ray-Reed | 949-276-6753 or email 
    • Submit the application online at
    • Schedule and complete assessment testing.
    • Personal interview with Head of Admission and division head as necessary.
    • Final acceptance by letter is offered.
    • Complete the online enrollment form.

    St. Anne School takes the following into consideration for student admission:
    • Non-Discriminatory Policy:
      • St. Anne School does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin
    • Achievements reviewed:
      • Assessment testing in math and reading
      • Report cards from the past three years, not including the current school year. 
      • Performance at or above grade level in achievement and citizenship
      • Successful completion of the previous grade
    • Attitude considerations:
      • Departure status from prior school is acceptable
      • Report Card comments and citizenship are outstanding
      • Student expresses an enthusiastic, personal desire to attend St. Anne School
      • Parent shows a positive attitude towards the school, St. Anne School policies, and programs

    All students K-8th grade must have the following immunizations:
                    4 Polio
                    5 DTP
                    2 MMR
                    3 HEPATITIS B
                    1 VARICELLA
                    1 TDAP AFTER AGE 7 FOR 7TH GRADE
    • Note:  Due to passage of SB277, Personal and Religious Beliefs Exemptions cannot be accepted.  Please contact the Nurse's Office for details.
    • New students: Required to present proof of immunization and to meet the State of California's current immunization requirements for their age.
    • Transfer students:  Required to show proof of all immunizations and must meet the most current state requirements regardless of age, including Varicella. Please refer to the information received in your registration packet. Please contact our school nurse for further information.
    • First grade entry: Requires that a Report of Health Examination for School Entry (PM171A) be completed and signed by the physician and placed in your child’s school file. The health examination must have taken place within the period 18 months prior first grade entry. Copies of this form are available in the front office.

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  • Photo of LuAnn Wilson

    LuAnn Wilson 

    Director of Admission
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    Lillian Ray-Reed 

    Associate Director of Admission