St. Anne School Transitions Temporarily to Distance Learning 

In February of 2020, St. Anne School began proactively planning for a  potential school shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, creating a COVID-19 response team to create and implement an Educational Continuity Plan. As a school community, we were able to unite in a very difficult and uncertain time, move our school online, and continue learning in a short time frame. Our preplanning allowed us to transition quickly and the strength of our school community made it possible. We are thankful for the dedication, flexibility, and understanding of our faculty, staff, students, and parents throughout this process. 

Early on, the response team decided that clear, transparent, and informative communication would be key to a successful transition, and created two important resources for St. Anne families: 
  1. COVID-19 Resource Tile. Found on the mySAS parent portal, this is the main repository for school decisions and information during the school closure. It includes all schoolwide emails and messages sent regarding COVID-19, helpful public links and resources, and necessary training materials for online learning. 
  2. Parent Guide for Extended School Closure. This guide details policies and procedures that the school will follow during this school closure. 
St. Anne School is accredited by three different accrediting agencies. In designing our online curriculum and classes, it is important to know that we have taken into account all of the requirements of our accrediting bodies. Including these standards in our online classes will allow these classes to count towards fulfilling this year’s requirements as though we were on campus. It will also ensure that our students are not missing any important material during this school closure.

From Zoom scavenger hunts in Kindergarten to 80's fitness parties in P.E., to Book Club sessions in middle school English and Shark Tank presentations in Navigating Our World, our students and teachers have found creative ways to keep learning, teaching and connecting. 
Applications are still being accepted for the 2020-2021 school year. Take the next step. Apply to St. Anne School via the online Admission Application.

To stay connected during the school closure, we send out two weekly communications to St. Anne families. We continue the spiritual tradition of our weekly Mass by sending out a #uknightedTOGETHER in Prayer email which includes a virtual chapel video. We also send our families a weekly recap newsletter, #uknightedTOGETHER, which includes a video highlighting some of the best moments of the week from our online learning. Please email if you would like to see these videos and will send you a link.