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  • Tuition Assistance Instructions

    Please see St. Anne School Tuition Assistance Policies for the 2022-2023 School Year for detailed instructions and information. 

    CURRENT FAMILIES - Deadline to Reapply is February 28, 2022
    Priority for Tuition Assistance is given to returning families. Once Tuition Assistance Awards for returning families have been established, those for new families will be considered. Current families that complete the necessary steps to apply for need-based tuition assistance after February 28, 2022, will be processed and awarded beginning in April. There will be no guarantee of assistance for current families after February 28, 2022. 

    PROSPECTIVE FAMILIES - Deadline to Apply is March 31, 2022
    A prospective family’s request for Tuition Assistance is processed and awarded beginning April 1, 2022 and only once all necessary documentation is provided to FAST.  

    Process for Applying for Tuition Assistance
    After completing the formal application for admission to the School, all financial information must be submitted online to FAST at For current families, financial information may be provided to FAST between February 1 and February 28. Financial information for prospective families is due to FAST by March 31. All remaining tuition assistance dollars will be allocated on a first come first served basis after March 31. 

    Tuition Assistance will be awarded contingent upon complete cooperation from the families providing all information required by the School to determine their need for a Tuition Assistance Award. Returning families to whom a Tuition Assistance Award is assigned are expected to accept or appeal the Award within two weeks of the date of the decision letter in writing. In the event the family fails to accept or appeal the assigned Award within two weeks, the Tuition Assistance Committee reserves the right to release funds allocated for the family’s award and re-assign them as needed. 

    Final decisions regarding Tuition Assistance are made by the Tuition Assistance Committee. Appeals may be made to the committee within two weeks of the date of an assigned Tuition Rate. Written appeals will be reviewed on the basis of additional written documentation not provided in the original application. Without additional documentation, an appeal may not be considered. 

    If you have additional questions after reviewing this information, please email
  • Itemization of Tuition Assistance Awards

    In order to provide some measure of tuition assistance to the greatest number of families possible, the tuition assistance program covers tuition only. Please direct any questions to the Tuition Assistance Committee via e-mail at

    Tuition assistance awards do not cover the following items:
    • Application fees 
    • Tutoring of any kind 
    • Uniform/clothing expenses
    • Athletic team participation fees 
    • Musical/play production fees 
    • Student supplies
    • Expenses relating to the lunch program 
    • STAR Program fees 
    • 8th Period fees 
    • After School Program fees 
    • Future Problem Solvers (FPS) fees 
    • Daycare fees 
    • Yearbook expenses 
    • Calculators 
    • Home copy text books 
    • Dances and other school-sponsored events, etc. 
    • Fees for before and after school extra-curricular programs, events, and offerings 
    • Any services provided by a third-party vendor before, during, or after school
    • Graduation fees (grade 8 only)
    • Field studies
  • Who to Contact

    Questions about St. Anne School's Tuition Assistance, please email

    Questions about the application process, contact the FAST call center directly at 1-877-326-FAST or

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    LuAnn Wilson 

    Director of Admission
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    Lillian Ray-Reed 

    Associate Director of Admission