Why St. Anne School

These are just nine of the many reasons families like yours chose St. Anne School:

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  • 1. Academic Excellence

    At St. Anne School, we set high standards for our students and provide them with superior teachers, state-of-the-art facilities, small class sizes, and innovative, creative, and time-honored teaching methods to meet these rigorous expectations.  At the Middle School level, we offer a selection of advanced and honors courses to further challenge and excite students with demonstrated abilities seeking accelerated curriculum.
  • 2. Community & Traditions

    St. Anne boasts a vibrant community of students, parents, faculty, and staff.  Our strong community spirit is evident in our parent involvement, meaningful traditions, and annual events.  From Back-to-School Night and Fall Carnival to winter sporting events and performances to Mother’s Day Chapel and our Moving Up Ceremony in spring, our community comes together regularly to celebrate our children, our school, and each other.
  • 3. Passion for the Arts

    Our arts programs in orchestra, band, show choir, fine art, and graphic design not only help foster creativity, problem solving, and individuality, but also give students the opportunity to collaborate and contribute their own unique talents to award-winning music, dance, drama productions, and art shows.

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  • 4. Athletics

    Sports are an integral part of our extracurricular activities, helping our student athletes develop their own individual talents, learning to trust in others to reach their full potential through teamwork, and teaching good sportsmanship.
  • 5. Co-Curricular Activities

    With a robust co-curricular program, St. Anne students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs, classes, and activities that complement classroom study.  From our digital media and Mad Science programs to our drama class and surf club, we offer a variety of before and after-school programs to meet the passions and interests of our diverse student body.
  • 6. Technology

    We pride ourselves on making the latest in technological advances available to our students.  Our technology-rich classrooms are equipped with laptops and digital white boards. Students have access to two technology labs, iPads and tablets, and the Middle School has a one-to-one Notebook program.

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  • 7. Spiritual Development

    Though our students represent many faiths, St. Anne’s religious curriculum is based on the teachings of the Catholic Church.  We are committed to helping our students become thoughtful, wise, compassionate, and humble through our religious formation program, designed to supplement and enhance students’ religious upbringing at home and church, regardless of faith background.
  • 8. Character

    We believe that moral integrity is the cornerstone of strong character.  We place an emphasis on teaching our students to be responsible citizens and that process begins by providing our students with a strong foundation that fosters understanding, consideration, and acceptance of others.  Our Christian Service Program teaches students to serve others who are less fortunate than themselves and, in doing so, learn profound and life-changing lessons.
  • 9. Safe & Nurturing Environment

    As we hear repeatedly from St. Anne families, their children love going to school every day because they feel safe, cared for, and respected.  The staff and faculty’s passion and dedication to students’ education, well-being, and future is evident in all that they do, from carpool supervision to nutrition to individualized instruction.
“There are so many opportunities for kids to experience learning beyond core curriculum – field trips, extracurricular activities, different languages and cultures... Academics are very important to us, but we love the other opportunities for our kids to learn, too.” - St. Anne Parent
St Anne School sparks each student’s imagination and interests with a diverse offering of enriching activities.

At St. Anne School, students develop their talents through a wealth of enriching extracurricular and scholastic activities. They can play sports, learn new skills, and travel to fascinating places. They can even put their imaginations to work solving actual world problems. There’s something to engage every inquisitive mind both in and outside the classroom. We believe children who explore their interests are more comfortable with themselves and the world around them. Children who are well-rounded become adults who are well-informed. Ultimately they are more successful in life. To us, that’s the purpose of education.
St. Anne School makes children feel welcomed, secure, and cared for—and makes families feel they belong.

At St. Anne School, students are welcomed into a caring environment. Our staff and teachers care, and our students and families care for each other. Throughout the campus, the feeling of family is genuine. The School’s close-knit community pulls students, parents, teachers, and staff onto the same team. We work for a common goal: to provide the most nurturing learning environment for children—a place where they can grow and thrive academically and socially. At St. Anne School, it’s all about the child, and everyone’s invested.

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