• St. Anne Knights' Fund

Tuition keeps our doors open. Philanthropy opens doors we never thought possible.

All you have to do is spend a few minutes on campus to see what makes St. Anne School so special. Our unique and genuine sense of community is what makes it feel like home here. Furthermore, as we strive to provide our students the very best education possible at St. Anne School, every gift makes a big difference on our ability to enhance the following areas within our operating budget:
  • Professional Development for Faculty          
  • Financial Aid
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Curriculum Enhancement and Academic Support
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Area of Greatest Need
St. Anne School is dreaming, growing, stretching, and soaring like never before--and it’s all because of the generosity of parents, grandparents, and community members who have given our students, faculty, and staff the bandwidth to do so. Thank you for giving above and beyond as we provide our students with a premier, whole child, Catholic education that prepares the future generation for life beyond St. Anne School.

Make an impact by making a gift or a pledge today!

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List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Is my gift to the SAKF tax deductible?

    Yes! Unlike your tuition payment, a gift to the annual fund is 100% tax deductible.
  • Why is participation important?

    Our local competitor schools in Orange County had an average of 67% parent participation last year in their annual fund. We must increase our parent participation in order to be considered for funding from charitable organizations as a gift to an annual fund demonstrates belief in the school’s commitment to fulfill its mission. Without a high participation rate, we become less competitive when seeking out those dollars outside of our community.
  • I prefer to give later in the year. Why should I pledge my support now?

    SAKF contributions directly impact our annual operating budget and the ability to say yes! We regularly reevaluate our budget and make adjustments as we have two streams of revenue: tuition and fundraising dollars. A pledge is a commitment to make a gift by the end of our fiscal year, June 30th, 2019. By letting us know now that we can count on your support this year, we can budget accordingly and ensure that all of our programs are fully funded.
  • How much should I give?

    The answer is different for each family. Many of the “extras” your student currently benefits from such as one to one devices, classroom smart boards, our re-imagined playground, rejuvenated faculty who are able to participate in the latest professional development opportunities, the lunch room, etc. were all made possible due to the charitable gifts received from the generosity of current and former parents, parents of alumni, grandparents, board members, and friends.

    So when the question is asked, “how much should I give?”, we ask that you consider the importance you place on the six areas of impact outlined in this pamphlet, and the experience your child currently has and will have thanks to annual fund support, and your families circumstances. We ask that you consider giving a gift that is meaningful to you and your family and remember that no gift is too big or too small!
  • I volunteer a lot at St. Anne School. Doesn’t that matter as much as giving a monetary donation?

    Our unique and genuine sense of community is what makes it feel like home here. Parents have always been a critical part of our day-to-day life at St. Anne School. We thank each and every one of you for touching the lives of our students and our faculty and staff by giving your time to make this a truly special place. Your financial support is another important vehicle to make a significant impact on the life of the school and the future of the children at St. Anne School.
  • Can I give stock?

    Please contact the Advancement Office at mgleich@st-anne.org.
  • Why doesn’t tuition cover all education costs?

    We set tuition at the lowest cost possible to make St. Anne School education an affordable option for most families. We have one of the lowest tuition levels for an independent school in Orange County. To keep our tuition as low as possible, gifts to the annual fund bridges the gap of what we need to do and what we can do. Investing in the St. Anne Knights’ Fund is an investment in the education of each child and makes an important source of revenue to guarantee financial health of the school.