To the St. Anne Community,

I would like to begin by expressing to all of you what an honor and privilege it is to be a part of this vibrant and dynamic community of faith and learning.  I have been impressed and humbled in my time working with the students, parents, teachers, board and administration.  I have been a witness to a community that has a profound love and pride for this school.  I have been a witness to committed parents, talented faculty and a board and administration that has a wonderful balance to it; all working together to address the needs of today along with the needs of tomorrow.  At St. Anne School I see a shared vision for the future, and a calling in my own heart to be a part of leading our community on the journey that lies ahead.
I have been very blessed over the last 20 years to teach, lead and serve in the world of Catholic education.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with all of you as Head of School, and commit the best years of my professional life in service to the bold vision of what St. Anne School is all about: “To develop future generations of creative thinkers, innovative problem solvers, effective communicators and emerging leaders, guided by the Catholic faith, to influence our local and global communities for the greater good.” -Vision statement of St. Anne School
Together, we will link arms and carry forward the bold and noble mission of St. Anne School.  Together, we will light the path for the students of St. Anne on their journey to becoming the young men and women God intends them to be: productive citizens, strong in faith, noble in character, academically sound, and well prepared for next challenge in their lives. 
I am thrilled to be a part of St. Anne School and the bright future on the horizon for this wonderful community! 

Yours in Christ,
Steven J. Cunningham
    • Steven Cunningham

St. Anne School

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