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FPS is taught as a part of a multi-grade, hybrid social studies class incorporating world history, United States history, and ancient civilization curriculum. The class is scheduled into the school day in place of a student’s regular social studies class.
Under the guidance of the FPS coach, teams of four students in grades 6 through 8 and individual competitors, use the FPS six-step model to explore challenges and propose action plans to complex societal problems.
Teams complete two practice problems and one qualifying problem throughout the school year. Trained evaluators score student work and return it with feedback including suggestions for improvement. The top scoring teams on the qualifying problem are invited to affiliate FPS bowls held each spring. The winners of each respective affiliate FPS bowl advance to the FPSP International Conference in June.


Cloud storage for commercial, private, and public content is a growing phenomenon and is used by both public citizens and private corporations. Cloud storage provides a number of advantages: lower costs for usage, automatic backup and recovery systems, less maintenance than what is required presently, and personal computers do not need to provide large amounts of data storage. From the negative aspect, people worry about reliability and security.
What would happen if corporations could not access their information stored on a cloud? If a cloud system is hacked, how is information secured? What if authentication and authorization systems fail? The safety of data depends on the third party hosting companies. How should businesses protect their data and intellectual property when cloud storage means they’ve exchanged much of their ability to manage their data directly for ease of operation and convenience?

Middle School Coaches

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    Rich  Llewellyn 

    MS Social Studies Teacher
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    Victoria Steyer 

    MS Social Studies Teacher
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    MS Social Studies Teacher