Middle School


List of 10 items.

  • Language Arts

    St. Anne’s Middle School Language Arts program exposes students to a wide range of high quality literature and fosters student development in writing, reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, literary terms, and oral presentations.  With an emphasis on analysis and interpretation, the Language Arts Department uses challenging texts to foster intellectual curiosity, rigorous discussion, and higher order thinking. Students are provided with the opportunity to plan and express ideas in collaborative discussions and present constructive responses while utilizing technology in a changing a world. To that end, students also engage in a variety of writing activities that prepare them for high school and beyond. Expository, persuasive and analytical writing are used in both literary analysis and in response to current and historical events. Emphasizing rich and complex vocabulary, correct grammar and development of student’s own voices and passions of writers readers, St. Anne prepares young scholars who read and analyze complex texts with an open heart and mind, and write with passion and depth.
  • Math

    St. Anne’s Math Department provides an extensive mathematics program that is both comprehensive and cohesive from Grades K through 8 and aligns with state and national standards. Students learn mathematics through various modalities and differentiated instruction and develop their math skills using hands-on manipulatives. As students progress through Middle School, the Math Department offers a variety of courses that both prepare students for high school and are accepted by high schools to meet graduation requirements. Through close relations with local public and private schools, the Math Department helps students as they transition to high school.
  • N.O.W. (Navigating Our World):

    N.O.W. courses provide students with background and foundational information to understand the world that we live in today.  It examines various social, political, economic, religious and cultural events in different regions and countries around the world so that students are able better understand multiple perspectives on the world.  Students are also given the opportunity to correspond with students in other countries through a collaborative online classroom that engages them in cross-cultural exchange. A major focus of the course is placed on how students encounter and manage everyday issues through the discussion of the origins and causes of current events, and to find possible solutions or predict outcomes to those events. This project-based curriculum incorporates a technology-based writing component in which students continue to master keyboarding and word processing skills, while creating multimedia presentations via Apple iMac, cloudbased software and online interactive websites.
  • Physical Education

    The Physical Education program provides a wide variety of activities that progress from gross motor development to fine motor skills.  Students will improve their overall fitness levels, develop skills basic to games and sports, develop qualities of leadership and sportsmanship, and gain lifetime skills that will carry over into adult life. Emphasis is placed on safety, sportsmanship, motor development, physical fitness, self and team discipline, and commitment. These goals are accomplished through the development of skills in a variety of games and sports. The focus of the physical education program is to apply learning skills to life's social, emotional, physical, and academic challenges. Health is a key component within the physical education program, focusing on increasing students' awareness of their physical, mental/emotional, and social wellbeing. Students will acquire the knowledge that having a "balance" between these three areas is optimal in allowing them to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Religion

    St. Anne School is a Christ-centered faith community that views Jesus Christ as our foundation.  The Religion Department is committed to teaching the Scripture and Tradition of the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.   We invite students of all religious backgrounds to experience a reverent prayer life rich in Catholic tradition. This faith formation relies on the grace of the Holy Spirit to engage and evangelize students.  We guide our students to live as Disciples of Christ through their compassionate fellowship and community service.   Students are encouraged to use their God-given gifts and talents to be the light of Christ to the world.  Upon graduation from St. Anne School, students continue to live Christ-centered lives as faithful disciples.
  • Science

    The Science Department at St. Anne offers a robust, multimodal, and hands-on program that provides STEM activities and aligns with the newly adopted Next Generation State Standards (NGSS). Through rigorous courses, students will become the next generation of scientific innovators as well as citizens who are curious and evidence-based thinkers. Students are encouraged to explore phenomena with the purpose of solving authentic problems. The Science Department holds classes in two fully equipped science labs and provides opportunities for students to complete experiments and utilize lab equipment.
  • Social Studies

    The Social Studies program is an integrated study of ancient civilizations and medieval and renaissance periods as well as the age of exploration and the founding and growth of our nation.  Both physical and human geography is woven throughout each unit of study in order to build students’ understanding of the connection between people and the Earth as well as the economic, political, and social systems that humans created over time.  Using the tools of a historian, students will gain an understanding of how these societies laid the foundation for modern culture as well as the impact they have on life today. Throughout the courses, students will use a variety of research tools, presentation formats, and inquiry-based study models in order to become better informed, engaged, and globally competent citizens.
  • Technology

    St. Anne School Technology Department envisions that our students will have access to and make ethical choices with technology to be skilled communicators and problem solvers. All technology courses align with the standards listed by the State and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), while at the same time addressing STEAM academic disciplines. Every graduate will demonstrate a high level of proficiency in computing skills with multiple platforms and applications. Students explore different applications and programs and further develop their technology skills through their experiences with 3D printing, robotics, coding, the Oculus Rift, Makey Makey, and Makerspace areas, to name a few.
    St. Anne School’s Instructional Technology Committee Vision Statement:

    Provide students with a 21st century learning experience by naturally embedding and utilizing technology in a challenging and meaningful learning environment. Students are prepared to become leaders by taking ownership of the technology skills needed to access information, collaborate with their peers and teachers in real time, and create relevant products, as well as organize information in a personal and purposeful manner.
  • Visual and Performing Arts

    The Visual Arts Department offers a comprehensive program for Grade K through 8 designed for students to explore the core fundamentals of art and integrate concepts such as form, texture, value, line, composition, and color. Students are also introduced to mixing mediums, spatial perspective, overlapping, and scale.  
    Through the Performing Arts Department, students study instrumental music and become lifelong appreciators of music. Beginning in Kindergarten, students experience music, learn a variety of musical genres, and perform by singing and playing instruments. By Grade 3, students have the opportunity to choose if they wish to pursue learning an instrument or taking a music class. In the Middle School years, students can select Performing Arts electives in either Orchestra or Show Choir to further develop their music skills. Through these electives, students participate in local competitions and perform at school events.
  • World Languages

    St. Anne provides the opportunity for students to learn Spanish during their three years in Middle School. Spanish is taught at intermediate and advanced levels and prepares students for high school and honors placement. Students learn the foundation of the language, develop their conversational skills, and experience the culture of the countries of which the languages are spoken. Field trips are planned each year to local venues, which provide students the opportunity to be immersed in the language and personally experience the Spanish culture.
Honor Roll and Principal’s Honors are awarded in Grades 6-8 at the end of each semester at an awards ceremony. Students with an academic G.P.A. of 3.6-3.8000 in all core subjects for the preceding trimester and who have achieved satisfactory or better in citizenship will be placed on the Honor Roll. Students with an academic G.P.A. of 3.8001 and above in all core subjects and who have achieved satisfactory or better in citizenship will be placed on the Principal’s Honors.