Field Studies are customized programs that connect students with science and history. These programs emphasize natural science STEM and historical studies, discovery, community action, and leadership. Through field studies trips, teachers and administrators can provide students with significant in-depth activities that will improve specific learning objectives and foster class camaraderie. Students engage in experiential and hands-on activities and participate in outings that focus on environmental science, historical discovery, and skills building activities.
El Capitan in Santa Barbara: Four-Day Field Study for 6th Grade

Students will apply and reinforce their 6th grade science curriculum by on-site, direct observation, and hands-on activities. Components of social studies and language arts curriculum are also included, making this field trip an excellent cross-curricula learning experience. Activities include hiking through the foothills of the Santa Barbara coast, kayaking along the El Capitan shoreline, rock climbing, environmental beach cleanup activities, high ropes course, field Olympics, and much more.
Catalina Island Camp at Howlands Landing: Five-Day Field Study for 7th Grade

Students participate in a series of land and sea explorations aimed to bring about a greater understanding and connectedness to self, others, and the environment. The trip gives students the opportunity to build their teamwork and communication skills as well as inspires students to live more sustainably and to take responsibility for their lives. Kayaking, snorkeling, and nature hikes are part of the engaging activities on the field study trip.
Washington DC and New York: Seven-Day Field Study for 8th Grade

Students travel to both Washington DC and New York to visit historical sites and museums as well as learn in-depth about our government and events that have shaped our world such as the Holocaust and September 11. Through the field study program, students explore the major U.S. monuments, Jamestown, and Williamsburg and even participate in a tour of the White House and Arlington Cemetery. The trip is culminated with a visit to New York, where students travel to Ellis Island and learn about the legacy of the symbol of American immigration.