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Six Parochial Athletic League (PAL) Championships since 2001:

Boys Basketball: 3 titles (2001, 2002, 2003)

Girls Basketball: 2 titles (2004, 2015)


77 South Mountain Division titles since 1999 in eight different Parochial Athletic League (PAL) sports. This is the highest level of the PAL interscholastic play for our teams.

Girls Basketball: 14 titles
Boys Basketball: 13 titles
Girls Softball: 12 titles
CoEd Soccer: 11 titles
Girls Volleyball: 10 titles
Flag Football: 9 titles
Boys Volleyball: 6 titles
Boys Lacrosse: 3 titles

St. Anne School has also won numerous titles in the South Canyon, Valley, and Beach Divisions of the PAL in that same time.