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Spiritual Life

A middle school girl raises her arm while reading at Mass

Strengthened By Faith

As St. Anne faithfully answered God’s call, St. Anne School celebrates an environment that fosters a deep connection with God and one another through worship, prayer, and service. Guided by grace, we answer Jesus’ call to “Love one another as I have loved you” (John 13:34). At St. Anne School, we gather to faithfully live this message of Jesus.  

Through Religion classes, weekly Mass, grade-level retreats, school-wide Christian Service Projects, faith formation, and Christian leadership, we prioritize the spiritual growth of our school community. Central to this is Scripture study, character development, and faith in action. St. Anne School believes that through fellowship and shared experience, we can know God more deeply, love one another more faithfully, and reflect the love of Christ more wholeheartedly.

St. Anne, our namesake, was especially favored by God to be the mother of the most holy Virgin Mary, who is the mother of our Savior. Through her power with her most pure daughter and with her divine Son, we implore her to obtain for us the grace and the favor we now seek to unite us in faith and unite us as one family.

1st grade boy brings up a basket of notes at Mass
2 middle school girls smiling at Mass
3 middle school girls and the school principal raise their arms in prayer at Mass
A priest wearing a blue baseball cap blessing animals in cars
A 2nd grade boy receives communion
Priest in a red robe prepares the gifts at Mass
Altar servers in white robes carrying the cross and candle into Mass
2 altar servers bring the gifts to the priest at Mass
2nd grade students sing at mass
2nd grade girl reads at Mass
a middle school girl reads at the podium at mass outside
4th grade girl holds a tarantula in her hand at Mass
Priest in a green robe holds up the chalice at Mass


Christian Service

Christian Service is an essential component of St. Anne School as students, faculty, and families faithfully answer Christ’s call to “Love one another as I have loved you” (John 13:34). We humbly accept this vocation, seeking to emulate our patroness, St. Anne, who dedicated her life to the service of God.  

As a Catholic school, we are devoted to service that empowers students to act justly, love unconditionally, and glorify God wholeheartedly. Both Lower School and Middle School students participate in Christian Service throughout the year, exploring different opportunities to put faith into action and experience firsthand the joy that results from their efforts.  

St. Anne School offers a comprehensive Christian service program that ensures all Middle School students actively participate in the mission of the Church; thus, true Christian service spreads the Gospel message while helping their brothers and sisters in need.  

Through their service and reflections, students shall:

  • Work towards becoming Christ-centered students who grow into responsible citizens
  • Gain awareness of and develop a sensitivity towards the varying needs of a diverse community
  • Build a greater and deeper understanding of their community and themselves as contributing, caring human beings
  • Develop the conviction to serve God through the service of others
  • Continue to serve beyond the requirement to enhance the quality of life in their community through discipleship
  • Enter into relationships with people in the community with whom they might not otherwise interact
Middle School Christian Service

As Christian Service is a graduation requirement, all Middle School students will:

  • Complete a minimum of 16 service hours per year (four required per quarter). 
  • Document service hours as directed by his/her Religion teacher.
  • Complete reflective assignments to contemplate the meaning and impact of one’s service as directed by his/her Religion teacher.
  • Seek approval from his/her Religion teacher prior to beginning service.

Because we honor all students as unique individuals made in His image, they are encouraged to dedicate their time and efforts to an organization and/or project that celebrates their charisms, the gifts of the Holy Spirit that champion the values and mission of the Church. Through Religion class, advisory slides, and parish involvement, students will be made aware of service opportunities available to them.