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Knights Parent Association

4 moms in matching blue shirts posing at the book fair

The Knights’ Parent Association (KPA) is a supportive body of involved parents brought together to unify the students, teachers, and the families of the school community through programs and events. KPA activities enhance and enrich the St. Anne School experience. All activities of the KPA organization are conducted in accordance with the general policies, philosophy, and mission of our school.
The KPA Board includes members who have specific board positions as described in the KPA Bylaws. The Nominating Committee begins slating the board in January for the upcoming school year and approves the upcoming slate of members in April. KPA is always looking for enthusiastic members who are interested in supporting the school and our children. 

Get Involved
For more information on how you can get involved in KPS, email 

A mom face-painting another mom dressed as a skeleton at a Halloween carnival
2 moms hold flower arrangements
Parents socializing in the school courtyard
Five school moms posing for a picture
School courtyard from above

St. Anne school, is not just a school, it's a community. From the moment we walked onto the campus we were welcomed with open arms. Starting a new school can be scary, but so many families reached out to us before school even started that we all felt much more at ease.

- Nicole Wondries
St. Anne Parent